Pure white Nerines


The pure white of the Guernsey lily, Nerine bowdenii ‘Alba’

The Cape flower or Guernsey lily is a beautiful perennial bulb, producing upright stems of white, lily-like flowers, occasionally flushed pale pink, with wavy-edged, recurved petals, appearing in the autumn. The rich green, strap-like leaves appear after the flowers.

Cultivate in any good, moist but well-drained soil, in full sun, in a sheltered position – growing particularly well against a sun-warmed wall. Height and spread 45cm x 10cm.

I plan on potting a small collection (white, pale and darker pinks too) in a low, wide, glossy black terracotta pot which will bake next year on a south-facing terrace.

For more reading, look to the RHS website-


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