Lapageria rosea – hidden delights at Kew


Lapageria rosea

Asking for directions in the Woodland Garden today, at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, I was directed along one path, down a smaller curving side passage to a brick shed and along one side of this small utility building, practically hidden from view, is this spectacular flowering vine, the Chilean Bellflower.

My thanks to Kat for letting me know to look out for this beauty – a more striking plant than I was expecting (I don’t think these photos do the plant proper justice) and if you are at Kew anytime soon, take a wander around the paths at the bottom of the hill (topped by the Temple of Aeolus) in the Woodland Garden, and marvel!

One thought on “Lapageria rosea – hidden delights at Kew

  1. I visited Kew last week and stumbled upon this beauty by accident too! It’s a shame it isn’t in more of a prominent place as it’s a stunning plant. Great photos, thanks for sharing 🙂 x

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