Carrier bags of doom….


Grape vine, leaf

A rather beautiful vine leaf (I do not know the variety), burnished in autumn colours, came as a gift lifted out of a ‘carrier bag of doom’ presented to me earlier this week – the bag also contained a very mouldy, stunted bunch of home-grown grapes and a plea for a diagnosis – why this man’s grape harvest has been so blighted.

Pests, diseases and disorders of plants are all part of the job, recognising ailments and suggesting remedies. Sometimes, it is straightforward – other times, it can be a less so, and it is potentially a challenge when these carrier bags containing unidentified diseased plant materials are waved at you. One thing, always wash you hands afterwards!

In this case, half (at least) of a significant crop from a mature and otherwise very reliable grapevine, was afflicted this year and I can think only that there were problems with pollination (prolonged cold, late start to spring, cold-blasted blooms, lack of pollinators may all figure).  A little more research needed for a reliable answer and to see if there are any steps to be taken to prevent it happening in future. In the meantime, my payment – a beautiful leaf to admire.

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