Heaven is a rose nursery…

A selection of roses from the Pococks Rose Nursery in Hampshire

I drove down to Pococks Rose Nursery near Romsey in Hampshire earlier this week and spent a very happy hour (and two) immersed in their collection of beautiful and extraordinarily perfumed roses, some of which are included in this gallery.

The Hybrid Teas and Floribundas claimed most of my attention since I do not spend very much time in their company (it is David Austin all the way with me, for most of the time – these were well represented and were happy and healthy plants, together with a startling range of climbers/ramblers, ground cover roses, patio, Old Roses and modern shrubs).

The accolade of ‘Show Stopping’ went to the Hybrid Tea roses (HT) with glorious, huge, complicated and perfect blooms, and such extravagant scents.  All the plants energy focused one flower (or a very few, later in the season) per stem. Admittedly they flower quite freely, and most, continuously so the overall effect of a mature specimen can be glorious. Tall buds opening to the perfect flower (well, perfect until they are not – it is all a matter of catching the rose at just the right time).

Hard pruning in late autumn can reduce wind-rock for over-tall plants at the end of the season, before they are cut right down to little sticks just a few inches tall in very early Spring (you might do this in one fell swoop in late autumn or do it in two stages as you prefer). The plant grows anew each year and all the growth is bounding with energy and full of hormones – vigorous teenagers!

The floribunda Odyssey was, for me, a winner too. Cool, soft lilac, semi-double flowers with glowing pink and yellow stamens and a lovely fragrance. An abundance of flowers with buds galore.

Altogether a very lovely diversion.


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