Hot Chocolate, Novelty Rose of the Year 2006

A cluster-flowered, floribunda rose with a quite unique colouring that is very difficult to capture – I know, I’ve photographed this rose dozens of times and this is the first time I have made a decent stab of it!

Growing to 3’/90cm tall and a little less across, repeating well throughout the summer and with a pleasant, if light fragrance, this is a love-it-or hate-it rose. Paired with darker violet and reds, I think it would sing. Of course there is also orange, the brighter the better and Super Trouper springs to mind. There is another rose, an almost brown, called Hot Cocoa and this is planted side by side with Hot Chocolate in the new rose garden at Wisley. I’m also thinking of a similarly striking Iris called Quechee which would make an amazing (early season) close-colour companion. Chocolate Cosmos?

Got my thinking cap on now…