Lady Emma Hamilton Jam

The finished product and I’m a hopeful cook, in that this will set into some jam-like, spreadable, stays on toast consistency. (If it refuses to set, then iced rose petal granita it will be!)

Four pints of water, or a little over, a kilo of jam sugar (with pectin), the juice of four lemons, a carrier bag of petals (macerated for 24 hours in the sugar), simmered and boiled variously for half an hour and voila.

It is undoubtedly a very fragrant concoction and very obviously the brimming with the fruity, citrus aromas of Lady Emma Hamilton. The colour is much as I had hoped – apricot jam/mamalade – and the petals are nicely distributed throughout the mix. They still have just a little bite to them.

Cooling now, and will check on it tomorrow…