My garden project in Roehampton

Late summer coming and there is quite a subdued palette – so I have added the kniphofia I’ve been photographing a lot recently (Mango Popsicle) to the mix – it will look great with the golden grasses, pop against the pink of the rose Harlow Carr, and sing against the red of the Persicaria amplexicaulis and Penstemon Garnet. There are baby Euphorbii griffithii Fireglow in there too, but so far, they have been slow to make their mark.

The centre-piece willow-leaved, silver weeping pear is getting on well and a planned-to-be-large Cotinus coggygria Royal Purple is also putting on some mass.

I cleared out and mulched round the semi-circular bed with the mature olive, fan palms and rose Kew Gardens. I think it is looking much more cultivated now, though I have battle scars from the toothed stems of the palms.

The terracotta pot in among the olives and palms – a lovely spot to grow and train Rose Centre Stage I think (see previous post).

Much more to do, while planting matures and fresh areas are brought under the microscope!