Thank you, Mr Austin

Friday Gallery – Roses from David Austin

If there have ever been any complaints that there is no variety in English Roses, look again! My Friday Album is all about David Austin Roses, showcasing just a little of the wide spectrum of colour, form (and not forgetting fragrance) within their catalogue – and these are just some pictures I took today.

An obvious gap in the colour range in this little gallery are the reds and I have to confess that the little camera I use (Canon Powershot SX260HS) really has a problem registering the rich tones of Darcey Bussell, Falstaff, Munstead Wood, Thomas a Becket, LD Braithwaite, Tess of the D’Urbevilles, Tam O’Shanter, William Shakespeare 2000, Sophy’s Rose, Lady of Megginch…

I think that these particular roses are difficult to capture however good the camera and it is a joy to see them photographed well elsewhere – there is always beautiful portraiture in the couple of Facebook forums I look over most days (it has to be daily, to keep up with the fantastic pictures and comments on rose growing right across the globe). I’m learning a lot about how to photograph these roses from the best of these images as well as investigating new techniques (such as Bokeh and macro-photography).

Happy Days!

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