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Twice in a Blue Moon with Ice Cream

IMG_0023 2

IMG_0015 2

The rather cryptic headline simply names these two roses, (I’ll leave you to guess which is which), found while visiting Hill Park Roses (although there is no hill and being by the side of the busy Kingston by-pass, little likelihood of a park either, but I digress..).

An old-fashioned family run nursery with ramshackle buildings, a rustic style of presentation and a great passion for roses, showcasing an excellent range of very healthy plants, laid out in an open field. I’m reminded of a review of Bananarama, back in the day – ‘A triumph of style over content‘. Hill Park Roses is the exact opposite.

I’m not usually a great fan of the Hybrid Tea – perfect both in bud and as young flowers, but there is a tendency to over-inflate as they age, becoming big formless duvets of a flower (now why does that sound familiar..?). These two are (just now), beautiful – great colour, large flowers, fragrant, free-flowering, healthy. Tomorrow is another day.

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