“Strictly” Foxtrot

Digitalis 'Foxtrot' I am utterly taken by the beauty of this muted, charming, fluted foxglove; something the plant breeders have got right methinks (something new and different but still a beautiful garden plant). Your marks? I'll give it a '10', darling.

Thomas a Becket – new to David Austin 2013/14

My first flower from the 2013/14 David Austin Rose, Thomas à Becket. I am glad that DAR admit that it is a difficult rose to photograph - it was! To capture the richness of the red, with bright pink/carmine tones, all but this one of my picture rang an off-note. David Austin, in their website, write…

Crocus Rose, from David Austin

Introduced in 2000, this is a free-flowering shrub bearing soft-apricot-paling-to-creamy-white rosette-shaped flowers with a faint scent (its only shortcoming, this). Superbly healthy and growing to a fine  4' x 3'. Named for The Crocus Trust, hence the odd nomenclature for plant that is not obviously a crocus.