Return to Roehampton

My first visit in over six months, to the borders I created last Spring in this large Roehampton Garden. Deep breath, eyes open, great relief!

They have had to look after themselves following the tidy-up I was able to give them before Christmas and I am thrilled that they have survived such a cruel and cold Winter/Spring.

Plenty of the planting has yet to do its thing – penstemons (Garnet/Blackbird/Alice Hindley), Sidalcea Elsie Heugh, Campanula glomerata superba/persicifolia/Elizabeth, Anemone Honorine Jobert, Persicaria amplexicaulis, Verbena bonariensis and roses too (Harlow Carr, Lichfield Angel, Munstead Wood, Pomponella) all quite shy of flower still.

A weed through planned for next week and to put some definition on the scheme. Late season colour is on the way, but there are gaps and I am not sure that the Iris work sufficiently well for their brief appearance. Another strappy leaved plant required..

The long border opposite is still a jumble while the shrubs put on some weight (Pittosporum tobira in particular). A lot of penstemon, lavendar and gaura but I think some larger leaved presence is needed too. I’ll weed through the forget-me-knots and the aquilegias and take stock. Very probably more roses!

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