The Teddington Gardener

May I present Lady Emma Hamilton…


To quote Bruce Forsyth, “You’re my favourite”.

My favourite David Austin rose, Lady Emma Hamilton.

If Mr Austin wanted to extend the colour range of the Old Roses (out of pink, more pink, white, purple) into new territory, he must be proud of this rose – a molten tangerine-orange exterior with a pure gold interior, with raspberry flashes on the reverse; fading to a soft peach. A greater range of colour than Lady of Shalott, less wholly orange than Pat Austin, and with a very different form to either.

Young foliage is a deep plum-bronze, providing contrast with any nearby garden greenery and setting the flowers off perfectly (saving it from being at all garish, bright though she is). Fragrance too –  lots – of Sauterne, ripe melon, mango and guava, pear drops and lemons –  a rich, fruity and intoxicating scent.

A cup of sunshine, even on the dullest of days, and coming into flower now, for the season. 

Photographed in a Jubilee Glass commemorating Queen Victoria’s Jubilee of 1887.

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