15 Favourites – Roses

My fifteen favourite roses

I’m singing in the rain/ Just singing in the rain/ What a glorious feelin’ I’m happy again/ I’m laughing at clouds/ So dark up above/ The sun’s in my heart/ And I’m ready for … roses, dahlias, beautiful perennials

Enough rain today to satisfy Dr Foster, on his way to Gloucester - but here at Petersham, it made some rather beautiful plants even more beautiful - roses of course, the first of the dahlias (and my apologies for not noting their names - next time I'll look at the Cutting  Garden Plan), and a…

A busy day at Petersham Nurseries – hundreds of new roses from David Austin… (Advertorial Alert!!)

A busy day at Petersham Nurseries, collecting a generous delivery of roses from David Austin - more standard roses including Desdemona, Tranquility and Olivia Rose Austin - large specimen shrubs and large specimen climbers plus a whole host of shrubs, climbers, ramblers (and repeat flowering ramblers at that) to keep us happy for a week…

A Petersham Nurseries Gallery – a feast of roses & perennials and a closer look at the Cutting Garden

I arrived at Petersham Nurseries 45 minutes earlier than necessary with a view to taking a few pictures - and I am a speedy photographer - so here is a little gallery of plants that are both conveniently for sale or at home in the Cutting Garden (a practical resource for so much of the…

Putting on a Petersham show… roses by me, styling by Amanda

and from our Doyenne of the Displays, Lady of the Carts, Madame Maestro.... Filled, finessed, crafted and created, displays at Petersham Nurseries, styling by Amanda - the newest member of the Horticulture Green Team. Roses by me....!