Hydrangeas and nothing but Hydrangeas ….

Hydrangea Annabelle
Hydrangea Pinky Winky
Hydrangea Black Steel
Hydrangea Black Steel

What a lot of Hydrangeas – from a variety of destinations including RHS Wisley and the Savill Garden near Windsor. Probably a few from Golden Hill Nurseries down on the south coast who are specialists in this beautiful plant – definitely worth seeking out their expert knowledge at any future plant fair or flower show.

This, here, is just an opportunity to look through my back catalogue for any images I had been thoughtful enough to tag with the name, or at the least that it is a Hydrangea. Macrophylla, Paniculata, oak-leaved and arborescens, shrubby or climbing, white, pink purple and blue – surely there must be a Hydrangea for every garden. Happy hunting.

2 thoughts on “Hydrangeas and nothing but Hydrangeas ….

  1. Hydrangeas are beautiful! They are very resistant and a beautiful addition to every garden. I grow hydrangeas in different colors but mine favorite is definitely pink one. It’s blooming very beautiful! I also add a fertilizer to mine hydrangeas and I see that it helps them a lot. I use the one from substral brand https://gardenseedsmarket.com/intervention-fertilizer-for-hydrangea-magic-strength-substral-350-g.html which make the colour more intensive and positively affect their growth. Martin, awesome photos and thanks for this post!

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