Mottisfont Rose Gardens, June 2018

June 2018 visiting Mottisfont with a fellow rose-lover. A day of laughter and fun.

Overblown, blowsy, beautiful, fragrant, lush, a little ragged, absolutely in need of some serious dead-heading – but equally glamorous and hopelessly romantic, there are no rose gardens quite like Mottisfont. Soulful, they inhabit the walled gardens of this ancient priory, clambering through the many venerable apple and pear tress, hopelessly constrained by box or lavender, with mellow brick walls to clothe, perennials to showcase (see the Campanulas …) with the mesmeric and crystal waters of the River Test providing a cool counterpoint to the rose madness and the rolling Hampshire countryside all about. Add in some serious wall trained Magnolias and Plane trees from 1725 … well … wow!

A little shocking to see the work going on in what was the first garden you entered – it is being reimagined completely and almost all of the roses, many hugely historic in their value have gone. Have a look at my back catalogue from previous visits to Mottisfont to see what it was like before.

A stopover in Stockbridge a new treat = serious retail therapy here – before our next stop over at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens …


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