Magnolias – the grand display at Kew continues (one week on, 2015)…. @kewgardens #SpringAtKew

IMG_9152Magnolia campbellii – seen across the expanse of parkland, spotlighting the Magnolia collection at Kew

Photographs taken on 25th March 2015 at Kew Gardens, reposted a) because the gardens are closed and b) because they are spectacular. A brief beautiful display that I’m quite sure is as impressive this year as any, especially with the warm sunny weather we have had these past week or more. No storms to tatter and tear, nor rain to blemish pristine petals. So sorry to be missing the show – and next of course is the cherry blossom, just starting. Another trip down memory lane methinks. 


A return visit to Kew, to see again the Magnolias in after a week that has featured some sunshine and some chill nights, though little wind or rain to damage the blossom.

Petals there are no on the grass and some specimens are going over, over-blown and browning – the pristine Magnolia sprengeri var Diva that was so pure and perfect last week is definitely suffering now, though the Campbell’s magnolias and the Magnolia heptapeta are still in fine fettle, the diminutive flowers of M. Kewensis are coming out in greater numbers and some specimens are coming into their first flush. This might warrant a further visit next week methinks.

Magnolia salicifolia has come on with more bloom, more open and more elegance and more drama…


IMG_9305IMG_9312Magnolia cylindrica has come on too – more flower, fuller and more open (below)

IMG_9164IMG_9166IMG_9171IMG_9178IMG_9179The Campbell’s Magnolias are still a wonder and the largest trees in this little arboretum –

IMG_9197IMG_9202IMG_9360One specimen, M. campbellii supsp. campbellii seemed to me to have larger flowers than the ‘original’ with a richer colour..

IMG_9205IMG_9207IMG_9208IMG_9211IMG_9216IMG_9221IMG_9223IMG_9232IMG_9234Perhaps the flowers came down closer to ground and therefore seemed larger than those aloft, perhaps they were fresher, but what a show.

Contrasting with the pure white Magnolia heptapeta, good enough on its own given a real lift with the touch of marshmallow pink coming through, against a blue sky…

IMG_9287IMG_9294IMG_9296IMG_9298IMG_9299IMG_9301Here (below) you can see Magnolia salicifolia in the foreground, M. heptapeta (the white) and M. Campbellii (the pink) in the background.

IMG_9315IMG_9236IMG_9242IMG_9243Going over, but still striking, this Magnolia sprengeri var Diva is falling apart beautifully!

IMG_9320IMG_9322IMG_9324IMG_9325IMG_9329IMG_9332IMG_9335IMG_9338IMG_9344IMG_9347IMG_9349IMG_9352IMG_9358IMG_9394IMG_9393IMG_9395IMG_9397IMG_9398IMG_9400IMG_9402IMG_9406IMG_9415IMG_9411Magnolia stellata (in the Family Beds and by the long rose pergola)

IMG_9523IMG_9529IMG_9087IMG_9227More and more flowers on Magnolia Kewensis – with the distinctive lily-flowered shape and contrasting pink stripe.

There are still many trees with tightly furled, felt-grey flower buds and no sign of activity, so a third visit really has to be on the cards. Camera batteries charging!




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