Nymans, pure Romance …


After dropping my Sister- and Mother- in law off at Gatwick Airport, a short drive down the M23 to Nymans, a National Trust Property of great charm.

Romantic ruins, beautiful gardens, far reaching views across woodland and downs, formal gardens and naturalistic, some tragedy, some infamy, quite a lot of beauty. Sadly too early for the Wisteria on the Great Pergola, or the Lookout, but the Rhododendrons and Azalea didn’t disappoint.

The HUGE Pieris  (watch that spelling), is a real stand out performer. Serious conifers, great Heathers, architectural Yew pillars perfectly executed, ferns and woodland dwellers in peak condition, gorgeous herbaceous planting … and Handkerchief Trees (Davidia  involucrata) just at the peak of Perfection. I urge you to read more about the history of the Messel family who were the owners of this property, of the society beauty, Maud, their colourful Son, their great gardeners.

I’ve met several times Victoria Messel, of the same line and member of the Nymans Florilegium, creating a painted botanical record of all of the plants on the estate. She was to have had a Gooseberry named after her, by the Head Gardener of the Day, but he didn’t make it through to completion. See, for example, the Magnolia Leonard Messel for ones that did  get there in time.

A garden of great Atmosphere and from today’s perspective, in good hands. Would like to get back there in say, a couple of weeks time, to enjoy the Wisteria in full spate. Maybe.

2 thoughts on “Nymans, pure Romance …

  1. Afternoon from sunny Vancouver. Good to see you back. Along with spring. Happy days. Best. hw





  2. So Beautiful and Inspiring .
    Strangely I was looking at Nymans Gardens on the website this morning .
    And I was thinking of you when I read about their Rose Garden to bloom in June .
    Sanna x

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