The Cutting Garden at Petersham Nurseries, warm and dry and sunshiny first thing, a little drizzle at the end of the day, but both beautiful to photograph.

Fluffy, aka Fino, one of our cats, hoping for extra helpings …

And a late-afternoon look at the Garden Shop, having picked out some beautiful Hydrangeas and Gardenias for the weekend …


Finally, our floating flowers – I plan on changing this tomorrow, to feature all things hedgerow, with Hawthorn and cow parsley, fresh oak leaves and elderflower – I’ll see what I can forage on my cycle to work in the morning.

Finally, finally, a few macro-shots of the peonies I bought at the weekend, and looking fabulous!

Finally, finally – finally – a real buzz to be taking photos today, I haven’t felt like, wanted to, or had the energy for this kind of indulgent photography for such a long time. I know I am getting better when I have this desire to take photos, even if I don’t travel far to take them. Experimentation, detail, all about the angle, aperture, playfulness, I’ve missed my photography these for these past few months. Feeling more alive, and the season is with me.

Thank you for all your positive comments as I have made this journey. Apologies if go a little overboard as Spring turns to Summer – but it is good to be back, almost to myself. I think I shall be better for the experience, in the long run, more capable, stronger, honest and making a better contribution –  with work and dedication – and that this will be reflected in my future posts. I take nothing for granted and really do appreciate the many positive comments I have had this past many … difficult … months


Best Wishes, Martin