Floating Flowers from Petersham Nurseries

This is something I started in February of last year, when rain filled a huge metal container, a vast pedestal bowl with ornate handles that originally had it’s home in the Bank of Rome in Italy, somewhere (one of a pair). Too much water to drain easily, I floated Hellebores on the surface of the near-black water and an institution was born.

With the Beast from the East bringing freezing temperatures in March, the bowl froze and the flower heads were encased in ice … quite beautiful –

A quick flashback to that …

We continued the theme, using a wide, shallow and quiet beautiful Balinese bronze cooking bowl (no rust issues) and filled it throughout the year from the Cutting Garden – Tulips, Roses, Dahlias, Hydrangea and Tree Fern fronds; sometimes full to bursting, sometimes more elegant and sparse.

Just now, Hellebores have passed the baton to the Tulips, with a few Aquilegias, Armeria flower heads, Quince blossom I think, and Apple, Heuchera and Ferns and enough clear water to add a sparkle to the arrangement.

Regular updates on my new Instagram account @teddington_gardener most likely.

The Indian Cart which stands at the entrance to the Nurseries. If only real gardening created results as instant as this. It is a very satisfying process, picking out plants from the benches and combining them, seeing what works, what colour compliment or simply don’t work together; mixing leaf shape, colour and sizes and trying to produce something harmonious and welcoming.

I often take a photo in black and white, to see if it still works as a composition, or if it is all indistinct shades of gray. A useful approach to garden borders, this B&W photography, as it will highlight the necessary structure and contrast – definition – any border needs – or lack of it – try it in your garden and let me know if you too think it useful.

Finally, the balmy Easter weekend weather meant the Cafe at Petersham was seated outside, as it often is during the summer months.

Cooler weather coming as the week progresses with the chance of rain. Can’t complain, as the long weekend was glorious from start to finish. Somebody clearly hadn’t told the Met Office that it was Easter weekend. The rain of course will be welcome in the garden.

My 15 favourite plants will continue – houseplants and garden plants – and notes on all kinds of events I am to be involved with in the coming weeks and months. Some exciting, and daunting, projects afoot.

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