Pink, by far the biggest gallery with more photos to choose from than with the others, orange, yellow, blue and white. All images taken in 2015, though concentrating on the summer and through until September. I had to stop somewhere.

Hellebores early on, and a little Cherry blossom, though i could have majored on that alone. Perennials and Roses throughout the summer, with some pinked foliage, and Dahlias of course, with Sedums proving remarkably persistent too. Asters, Anemones, Campanulas, Clematis and Cosmos, Hydrangeas now too – such a huge range and variety.

And in the colours, warm, icy, crisp with a blue or lilac tone, peachy, milky, the barest flush or a full on explosion, coral, salmon. glowing, shouting, retiring, Pink is simply one word to describe a multitude of hues. And of course how you pair them, combine and contrast them with other plants will alter the effect. That is why gardening and garden design is such an endlessly satisfying occupation.

Might try a photo-essay next on green …


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