Floating Flowers …. almost igniting this huge bronze bowl at Petersham Nurseries (a new institution!)

We have really enjoyed floating all manner of seasonal flowers in this wide, shallow and beautifully scrolled bronze bowl, which we began in February. Then it was a huge brass urn from the Bank of Rome (it was one of a pair, one since sold, the other, available…) but we swapped to the lower, pedestal-less bronze bowl, owned by the Boglione Family, for a perhaps now permanent addition to the floral fireworks on offer at Petersham Nurseries.

Then it was an accident as the rains filled the bowl almost overnight and wary of draining it and creating yet more puddles, we pillaged the nurseries and planted borders for Hellebores to make a feature out of a happy but unplanned adventure.

And then they froze overnight …. the Beast from the East making for a sublime Hellebore Sorbet. See my Instagram account for regular updates on the increasingly diverse displays we have created – simple Hydrangea heads and ferns, mad frenzies of Technicolor, abandon and then subtle control. Love doing this especially as it is right at the front of the Nurseries, under the Italian tented canopy and a perfect moment for a photograph!

I would love to ask the restaurant/kitchen team if I could borrow their room-sized freezer for a night so I could freeze the Dahlias and Roses. My Oh My!

A few of my recent blogs have been quite close to home – or at home indeed. It has been a busy few weeks with a lot of time spent at Petersham Nurseries, which is no bad thing; but must plan to get out and about in the weeks ahead for new pastures and inspiration. Suggestions welcomed, especially for National Garden Scheme openings. And Sussex Prairie Gardens. Definitely.

I’ll finish off with a few images from the Nurseries themselves, the plant benches and Glasshouse 2, with cacti and succulents. Giant red Babylon Dahlias too. Just for flavour …

And very finally, a view of the Nurseries, particularly the Garden Shop, Glasshouse 3, looking like a tented city amongst the greenery …

From a neighbour’s beautiful terrace overlooking the Nurseries, which we have been helping out with for planted containers, with plans for verdant pergolas. This proect, and the folk behind it, really has been a delight to be involved with.


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