Snapshot of a front garden – glorious lilies just at the moment

Watering in the front garden yesterday evening and everything has put on so much growth. The new Wisteria – and I must put up some wires – is rampant as is the Cotinus. Hebe Marjorie was cut back hard in the Spring and has forgiven me with much new growth from the old wood. The standard rose Ballerina is still in flower. Nasturtiums have come up in the Pelargonium pots and I am wondering how I might get my bike past and into the house when they really get going … but the stars at the moment are the Regal Lilies, with such a fragrance. Some I bought at Poundland, about 8 years ago, and they are still fabulous. Many more to come through and many more, also in pots, in the garden at the back of the house.

Writing this, the early morning sun is lighting up the lilies, so had to take one more picture.

Heading out to Mottisfont today with a friend from Melbourne, my first visit in a couple of years I think – such a glorious collection of Old Roses. I’m reminded of the treat I had when David Stone, the Head Gardener appointed by Graham Stuart Thomas, left the job and was celebrated by the Heritage Rose Group from the US – a day of seminars and garden tours. Just saying, I’ve shaken the hand of the man who shook hands with Graham Stuart Thomas.

And then to the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens also in Hampshire. There will be photographs….

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