Petersham Open Garden 2018 – all the pictures!

Ten gardens, ten private passions, ten stories – all on show for Petersham Open Gardens, an event every two years where private gardens showcase their beauty and skills (and skulls in some gardens), for charitable purposes. And given the footfall today, the charity-benefitting coffers will be full to overflowing. Congratulations folk, one and all.

I shan’t comment on each garden individually as If found beauty and charm in each and every one of them. There were grand gardens and domestic gardens but every one showcased a delight and energy that was apparent to everyone who visited. The garden owners seemed to be on hand too, and that was a lovely treat to speak to them and understand the garden’s history and personal progression.

Such a special day, with bright blue skies, sunshine and warmth and gardens at their very personal best. Bravo Petersham Open Gardens for the success of the day, the funds raised, the community spirit and the delight in each and every one of the gardens. If you missed the day, I hope these photos convey sense of the variety and drama on show.

As an aside, I have a Shade Garden workshop on Tuesday this week, and it was lovely to see so many suitable plants grown well in these gardens, I shall I hope make a separate note of the star shady performers and link them to a new piece in time for the event.

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