How much can you cram into one small front garden … more than you would think, I think ..

Well, there are two standard Munstead Wood Roses, one standard Rose Ballerina, another standard Lady Emma Hamilton, oh and Desdemona, another standard – shrub roses Vanessa Bell and The Poet’s Wife, a half barrel of Erigeron karvinskianus, a pot of Campanula Pink Octopus, Alliums (Mont Blanc maybe), three large pots of Pelargoniums (zonal, ivy-leaved, scented leaved) with Nasturtiums (Blue Pepe, Tall Climbing and Empress of India), a pot of Prunus incisa Ko jo no mai – Asters, a large Hebe Marjorie, a huge pot of Wisteria Profusion, yew and box balls, a big purple Cotinus, a mature Pieris Forest Flame, Choisya, Laurel and Euonymus, about fifteen pots of lilies  – Martagon, Regal, Black somethingorother, Pink Perfection (just bought some more…) and  ivy and going over primroses, Hellebores, a baneful amount of Lemon Balm, at least three Hydrangeas, a Polemonium, Kerria florapleno… have I forgotten anything? Of yes, Salvia Bordeaux and Salvia Neon (with blackcurrant-scented leaves and superb colour). And Clematis Cezanne.  It’s not design, just a love of all of these plants. Obsession, I mean …

and a few roses, floating…

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