Tales of the City – Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden and Floral Court plus a side of Art

Tales of the City – a grand day out in London to take in the sights, see the fully opened Petersham Nurseries in Covent Garden now the Floral Court and the restaurants are open, have a spot of lunch, see some Art at the National Gallery (Monet and Architecture as well as some of the permanent collection) and generally mooch about – though it was barely above 9*C all day with a bitter wind, so mooching was done apace.

A behemoth of a gallery, as you may have to come expect and dread in equal measure and a smorgasbord of images, many quite random, from the original Mini chasing down monster SUV’s, Japanese sweet shops, London views, pink land rovers, lust-list shirts and a bowl of chips in the Paul Smith window on Floral Street … but this was my day and I hope you get more than a flavour of it from these pictures.

Fed up of the rain and cold; can we have the sunshine back again now?



2 thoughts on “Tales of the City – Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden and Floral Court plus a side of Art

  1. I walked past Floral Court yesterday and was intrigued, but was out with friends and couldn’t take a diversion. Now I know!

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