Petersham Nurseries: Evolution of a Cutting Garden – 28th April 2018 (in moving pictures too …) plus more tulips and a tour of the garden centre. I’m too good …

This video doesn’t exist

Well I must apologise first – shaky camera, dull and overcast, fingers in the frame … a less than dynamic narration but nevertheless, the subject of this amateur videography is still shining through. The Cutting Garden within Petersham Nurseries has been a floral powerhouse these past few weeks and the cooler weather we have enjoyed (!) over the past few days has at least prevented it from going over too fast. The rain did challenge them the night before I took these videos but they will spring back.

I wanted to capture the changing character of the Cutting Garden so will revisit it from time to time and take a similar series of images. It features regularly on my Instagram account so you can keep up with it there more often. Thank you to Rosie Bines, the Head Gardener at Petersham for its conception and upkeep and to Edward and Steve and Yaz on the Cutting Garden Team and to the volunteers. A triumph!

Avignon Parrot Tulip (below)

Tulip Brown Sugar (below)

I love this cool combination of Rems Favourite, the purple tulip whose name I have forgotten, with the Camassias and Fritillaria persica, the white form.

This pot of Tulips (and it is possibly Blushing Lady, though maybe not yellow enough?) has been luminous even in the chill grey of a damp afternoon. Went rather overboard with the photography but you must admit, the colour, such an elegant shape, the variation in marking and well, everything, is rather magnificent.

This next little gallery features the private Kitchen and Cutting Garden for Petersham House – the Cutting Garden planting has been extended into it, and features fruit trees and roses, together with a Hellebore Bed and a large chicken coop over which rambler roses clamber. Petersham House Gardens are open again as part of Petersham Open Gardens on Sunday 3rd June.

While this next is a rather extensive gallery taking in the garden centre itself at the nurseries. I pretty much catalogue the state of the Nurseries at regular intervals so I can keep a record of the seasons and displays and can refer back to them as needs be. It also helps me to see the environment with fresh eyes as photographs can be very revealing in showing up the good, the bad and anything that might indeed be ugly – and you might not always see what is right in front of your nose on a busy day. Sunshine and blue skies would have helped but you get the gist of my working environment from these pictures. More plants – yes more – arrive next week. Very much Yippee.

And finally, a view from our neighbours over the Nurseries, across into Richmond Park and up to the Star and Garter. Again, a dull and damp morning to be taking photos and I hope to be able to return in more clement weather to capture the scene with a beautiful blue sky, or maybe a blushing sunset …

And finally, finally, from PetershamNurseriesLand, a little floristry from Noriko Choy – with peony, foxglove and ammi and the extraordinarily beautiful Sorbus aria, the whitebeam. Possibly the variety called Lutescens.

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