THe RHS London Orchid Show – 6th April 2018

A day in town, visiting the Royal Horticultural Society Orchid Show at the Horticultural Halls by Vincent Square. Me and rather a lot of other folk – this was by far the busiest I have ever seen one of these London shows and speaks to the quality, calibre and quantity of exhibitors with their amazing charges. Sensory overload, it was – with gem after gem, after rarity, after something even more unusual, more geographically diverse and sometimes downright strange. I loved the show though the crowds were dense – there was respite in the second hall where the spring plant fair was showing – a second post to follow.

My orchid knowledge is limited and what I thought I knew, well the diversity of plants on show proves this is a huge, technically challenging but ultimately hugely rewarding horticultural interest spanning continents. And I know even less than I thought. Such amazing displays and expertise from the exhibitors who were, one and all, seemingly genuinely thrilled to be sharing their time and knowledge.

Where possible, I’ve taken a picture featuring the name of each orchid which precedes the pictures of the plant itself. There are too many, I’m sorry, to do away with the labels and name each image individually but I hope that it is reasonably clear what is what as you run through the gallery. As I say, a visual feast for the eyes but you might want to get a cup of tea, or a restorative glass of wine, before you delve in for this orchid extravaganza.

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