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A Celebration of Snowdrops (and a few more choice beauties) at the RHS London Early Spring Show

Well this is either going to be your thing, or not – one huge gallery of snowdrops from the RHS Early Spring Show in the Horticultural Halls in London which ran over the past couple of days. Harveys Garden Plants uppermost, and W&S Lockyer providing the most excitement.

A few Hippeastrums in there too from Pheasant Acre Plants, Cyclamen from the Birmingham Botanic Garden and two stands from RHS Wisley bring some winter beauties such as Red Filbert and Mount Aso – you’ll have to search these out among the melee – and the scent of massed Edgworthia chrysantha – WOW! A few reticulate Irises, a Camellia or two – all the joys of a February Garden. The last image – Iochroma australe – such a beauty …

But mostly snowdrops, with their name plates coming before each cultivar. As I say, a gallery for the dedicated Galanthophile. But using my macro lens, I hope the detail of each of them, and their differences, come through and I shall be spending a little time going through these images to appreciate them more carefully. I hope you do too.




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