The Teddington Gardener

A little Kew Miscellany – everything else from a chill Tuesday in January (or Heraldic Beasts and where to find them)

Bit chill on the bottom I should think …

Just mopping up with the remainder of the photographs taken last week when I headed off to Kew Gardens, warmed up in the Princess of Wales Conservatory and then joined the ‘Meet the Experts’ tour talking all things Snowdrop. A random selection though I wish you could take in the delicious fragrance from the Chimonanthus and the two Sarcococcas – a heady rich, spicy mix.

Finally, a closer look at the Heraldic Beast that line the parterre by the Palm House (as I was there and have never taken them in like this, one by one, with their descriptions. Quite remarkable beasts, these and in the perfect setting. The Greyhound of Richmond does, however, have a look of Scoobie-Do, maybe? I’ll let you decide.

Happily it is Dry January for me, so not tempted by the brilliant packaging of their Kew Organic Gins … another month, then –

Happily it is Dry January for me, so not tempted to try a tipple of Kew Gardens Gin …

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