Halloween? Christmas? Where has the year gone…?

Christmas spirit is seeping into the Nurseries and I have already been buying decorations and gifts. Autumn seems to be clinging on after a series of bright warm days, though it’s chill at night and first thing and of course, the clocks went back on Sunday night so it is dark by 5.30pm, so I shouldn’t kid myself – tomorrow is November and then, December. Where, my annual query, has the year gone?

Not at all a ‘Horticultural’ post – though to make it a little more relevant to the usual gardening-led comings and goings in these pages, I would note that the crab apple, Red Sentinel, is still looking fabulous – Robin Lane Fox in his collection of essays Thoughtful Gardening speaks very highly of it too. The Miscanthus in the Cutting Garden catches the sun beautifully and Lady Banks’ rose is flowering. Marvellous.

Meanwhile elsewhere … and more timely, Halloween –

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