Autumn Pruning …

I’ve an ‘Introduction to Pruning’ workshop to present tomorrow so I’m all about secateurs and shrubs; loppers, ladders and most importantly, looking; and climbers; roses, of course; a foray fruit trees – and trees generally; a touch of soft fruit if there is time. The dead, diseased and dying, and timing. Safety, very importantly. And a nice cup of tea.

And by Autumn, I don’t exactly mean ‘Now’. There is little work to be done now, while it has been so warm, windy and often, damp – but really, let’s get into November before we hurry pell mell into the garden shed to pick up our tools. You might simply start to look at your garden now, and make a careful inspection of the various elements in it.

There are blogs in these pages which already cover rose pruning in great detail – with real life ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures from Sissinghurst, Mottisfont Abbey and David Austin Roses.

The winter pruning of apples and pears and soft fruit is amply covered, with diagrams and pictures especially from the orchards at RHS Wisley.

Perennials too get a big feature (the Chelsea Chop and Hampton Court Hack and all of the ways in which you can prolong the season for your herbaceous displays).

Please delve into the catalogue here for more practical advice, information and inspiration.

 The David Austin Show Gardens


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