A little Kalanchoe Magic, Georgia O’Keeffe in mind ….

I just couldn’t resist – this beautiful Kalanchoe thrysiflora – and I have photographed just one plant – gave me the opportunity to take rather a lot of photographs today (in my lunch break I would say) and although I have wittled down the greater number of original shots, there remain quite a few. I played around with the standard 18-50 lens and then switched to the macro – adjusting the depth of field, and the way the sunlight washed over and through these succulent discs. This is the most I could edit them down to. Honestly.

I took my camera on a tour of Petersham Nurseries afterwards, and later in the evening, as I am occasionally want to do, so I’ll add a gallery a little later before returning to the French Odyssey, touring the Dordogne and Perigord.


One thought on “A little Kalanchoe Magic, Georgia O’Keeffe in mind ….

  1. See the resemblance with O’Keeffe’s flowers. She was apparently influenced by photography hence her cropped close-up flower paintings. Lovely photos!

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