A return visit and a more leisurely tour of RHS Wisley

A return visit to the gardens at RHS Wisley, in the brightest of sunshine, to take a more leisurely walk than I had time for last week – and to stroll through the orchards, Glasshouse borders and seven acre wood. Hugely busy as you might expect on the eve of a Bank Holiday weekend but as ever, amongst the winding paths of Battleston Hill and in the woodland landscapes, you almost had the place to yourself.

Lots to admire still, of course – the Glasshouse Borders always look fine in late summer and for new planting, I would draw your attention to the imaginative garden showcasing all of the alternatives one might use in place of box (Buxus) for topiary. I’d seen on Twitter an aerial view of this garden where the form really does shine out – and no box blight or box leaf caterpillar in sight.

Under a beating sun, I also spent quite a bit of time in the Trial Fields looking at the Echinacea and Zinnias (posts to follow) before retreating into welcome shade among the apple trees and later in the Seven Acre Wood (though I have a feeling this has been renamed recently) before heading home. As I say, the Trial Fields will follow on soon. Altogether though, a very relaxing few hours. I hope you enjoy the tour.

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