Postcards from Shropshire – a fourth helping from David Austin Roses (stay with me folks…)

The Renaissance Garden

The National Collection of English Roses is held in the gardens at Albrighton. The Renaissance Garden is perhaps the most beautiful of all the gardens, and is devoted to English Roses. These roses start flowering in late May and continue right through to the frosts of early winter. This lovely garden demonstrates the great versatility of the English Roses, with their wide range of flowers and fragrances, habits and sizes.

The adjoining pergola too with a view over to David Austin Snr’s workspace, clothed in the repeat-flowering rambler rose, Malvern Hills.


This garden features the long canal and dolphin statues, plus the covered seating area where roses feature behind the seats. Waves of box hold a diversity of roses which are used in several different ways – kept shortest by the water, the same roses are taller in the tier behind the sharp hedging and taller still in the outermost borders, climbers even.


The garden was full of like-minded folk but, as you may have gathered, I rather like a photograph free from people, so some of the cropping is rather awkard. Sorry about that.

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