Postcards from Shropshire – a first gallery from David Austin Roses at Albrighton

A first look at the Long Garden, mostly, at the eponymous gardens at Albrighton – just a short drive from our base near Shrewsbury and a beautiful, inspirational stop-over on our way to Woodstock. I realised of course today that I have effectively inventories the gardens, as I might once have done to a flat or house – in my previous incarnation as a Letting Agent – expansive view, closer, close-up – repeat.

These then are galleries for the rose-geek, a complete enthusiast like me, who wants to capture the length, breadth and detail of these gardens. The long views and vistas, the combinations of rose-neighbours and the look of a mature shrub, with details of bud, leaf and bloom to follow. Plant labels generally precede the relevant image of the rose.

Well, there it is. No apologies from me but there are going to be several galleries to follow, taking in all of the show gardens, with a retracing of my steps to see whatever I might have missed first time around. Deep breath, and enjoy!

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