Now the dust has settled, a look at David Austin Roses at RHS Chelsea – Judi Dench (Dame), Vanessa Bell & James L. Austin ‘n All…

No, I’m surprisingly not a VIP guest on the David Austin Stand – can they please take note – but they had closed the exhibit for a bit of filming, so the Great Unwashed had to clear out and leave – leaving me with moments to capture an empty rose garden. Well almost empty, the one chap with the tool-belt skitted around but mostly, the effect is of roses, just roses and more roses.

Much earlier in the day, having arrived a little after opening time, and casting a cursory glance at the Show Gardens, I made my way indoors to the Floral Pavillion and a pretty straight line to the rose exhibits – David Austin first, naturally, followed by Peter Beales (which will follow). Dame Judi Dench, Vanessa Bell and James L. Austin all present for the 2017 crop of newbies to the famous stable, together with recent introductions – Imogen, Roald Dahl, Ancient Mariner and all the usual stalwarts. Though not Lady Emma Hamilton who could not be forced into blooming on time. Such a shame – I’ve seen some amazing photos of this rose in the garden in Assisi in the past few days – Quando fioriranno le Rose. Amazing.

But not to delay, here, edited, I promise (roughly half of the 1500 photos I took made the cut; maybe I should be more discerning but each picture is just a little bit different and for rose-geeks and Rosarians, there will be something new in each shot I hope). Here goes – the image of the name of each rose usually precedes the featured rose itself.

4 thoughts on “Now the dust has settled, a look at David Austin Roses at RHS Chelsea – Judi Dench (Dame), Vanessa Bell & James L. Austin ‘n All…

  1. I was also at the Chelsea Flower Show with a friend from our rose society- Gold Country in the NCNH Dustrict. I too bee lined to David Austins display and took a lot of pictures. Also got their catalog.

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