Kew Gardens – Desert, Tropics, Mountains and Forest….


Through the gates on a bright, chill afternoon a couple of days ago and herewith a tour of the Princess of Wales Conservatory and Davies Alpine House by way of the Rock Garden and Woodland beneath the Temple of Aeolus.


First stop, the Princess of Wales Conservatory and the Arid/Desert environments –


mbo_5449There was a peacock in there too –

And with preparations underway for the 22nd Annual Orchid Festival, a sneak preview of the extravaganza to come…. Orchidology once more (You’ve got an ‘-ology’, you’re a scientist…)

They are well ahead, the glasshouse teams at Kew, with the Orchid show but there is still much to do and it’s going to be a corker of a show (as usual) so I’ll be back on the 4th February – and probably again during the month long show – there’s so much to take in.

From here it was a short hop into the Davies Alpine House, the distinctive clam shell glasshouse at the top of the Rock Garden and facing the grass borders. Just a little in here to catch the eye.


And a few to round us off from the wander back to the Victoria Gates …

That’s all folks – a gallery or three to accompany the couple of hours I spent there last week and I hope it inspires you to come and visit – the Orchid Show will be a superb excuse and it is, of course, tropically warm inside this Glasshouse.

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