Two Glasshouses at RHS Wisley – one large & tropical; one small, for all things alpine

The Glasshouse at RHS Wisley

I think in blogging circles, this day of the week is known as Wordless Wednesday. Well, so much for that! By way of the briefest explanations, the galleries, above and below, are filled with images from my visit last week to RHS Wisley – but since the weather then and now has been pretty much the same, bright sun, blue skies, and given these plants are by way of protected by their glass enclosures, I could have cheated and said I took them today.

What I shan’t (also not do/do) is add anything more. Wordless Wednesday is my watchword. That, and the fact that I know very little about the orchids pictured and not a great deal about the Alpines on show – despite the Alpine Houses here and at Kew, being on my regular radar with frequent visits. It’s a learning curve and I’m on the lower slopes.

I hope you enjoy the images in any event.

A very few gems from the Alpine House at RHS Wisley


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