Petersham Nurseries by way of a leisurely stroll along the Thames from Teddington (and back again)

A walk into work today on account of having pedaled the crank shaft loose on my bike these past few weeks – beyond my toolkit so it’s into the repair shop tomorrow. Not wanting to drive after being so energetic, green and conscientious since the start of the roadworks three weeks ago (boring but a great catalyst to my getting on the saddle again), I decided to walk along the towpath and a beautiful, leisurely stroll it was, by the river and through leafy tunnels with just the odd cyclist or dog-walker to exchange greetings with.

OK, I was a little late by virtue of being a little too leisurely, but I walked home again at the end of the day and with the sun glinting through the woods, on the water and everywhere else, it was just perfect. The boat above (the one on the left) is Talisker II, our old boat. Very James Bond, don’t you think?!

At Petersham, one of my tasks today was to photograph the nurseries horticultural offerings, strangely something they thought I would enjoy (I did, I did). Suffice to say I’ve photographed it top to bottom, side to side and inside out but – I hasten to add – here I have left out the serried ranks of pots, tools, piles of compost, rank and file of perennials and roses, the same shots but taken from back-to-front-to-side-to – well you get the idea. What I hope you get here is a real flavour of the greener side of the Nurseries and if you ever have the chance to visit, make sure you say hello …

This last image is my perennial view when I’m working outside (but under the cool of the tented canopy). The Nandi Bull is a great favourite of the children who love to guess what animal it might be. Horse, bear, doggie, cow – one time a Polar Bear and nothing would shake that little child’s opinion!

The walk home – another hour and more – was glorious as the temperatures had cooled, there was a little river breeze but the skies were blue and the sun, bright and dazzling on the water and through the tracery of leaf and branch along the river bank. More folk about – on the river and by Ham House but from then on I had the walk pretty much all to myself right back down to Teddington Lock and thence, home.

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