While I’m thinking about Art, a flashback to an early April visit to the Cass Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood …

This is the Cass Sculpture Park near Goodwood – we visited in early April after a splendid wedding in Chichester and Itchenor Sailing Club – and I haven’t included these pictures within my horticultural ramblings earlier. But, having loved the garden at the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden over the weekend – and it is a garden (the home indeed still of the creative partnership that made it) – I thought now was the right moment to bring them out and air them.


The Palm Tree made from car tyres I would have – and the oddly sensual army amongst the trees – and the copper teepee … the stairway to heaven and the picnic benches too… And the Cragg (the last images) if only I could find that million+ pounds  I put down somewhere. I’ll break off to check down the back of the sofa –


If you are ever visiting Goodwood (and it’s a couple of hours drive from Teddington Gardener HQ) or the lovely city of Chichester and the coast thereabouts – add the Cass trail to your itinerary. You’ll have a lovely woodland walk with far-reaching views across to the coast – and will witness some monumental, inventive, witty and significant sculpture while you are there.






One thought on “While I’m thinking about Art, a flashback to an early April visit to the Cass Sculpture Foundation, Goodwood …

  1. Some of these sculptures really appeal to me. I find the army of black figures quite terrifying – the glass, mirror, stone and copper pieces are more my cup of team. Looks to be a very high quality walk with lots to make one think. And how good to reflect (literally in places) on something you enjoyed earlier in the year. Splendid stuff.

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