A montage of a few pictures I took on Sunday at Petersham Nurseries – the display carts I’d refreshed and ‘replanted’ as well as the perennial and rose benches. The tangerine, apricot and gold blooms on the last few standards of rose Lady Emma Hamilton still make me swoon with their fragrance of ripe peach, mango, citrus and sweet wines….

My last blog featured many of the individual perennials, roses and plant life throughout the Nurseries, and in the Cutting Garden too, so I would recommend looking back at this – and if you interrogate these pages for ‘Petersham Nurseries’ – there’s a search box somewhere on the left hand side column and a link below – you’re certain to find a raft of posts from other times, different summers and seasons.

These particular pictures were originally taken with my ipod, uploaded to Twitter and then copied back from there to upload here – don’t ask! – not perhaps then my usual hi-res quality but you get the idea of the place – and though these have already been tweeted, it was such a lovely day I wanted to make an album of them here…. Equally, today was so wet, my plans for a Day Out were thwarted and I don’t have much hope for a new garden adventure tomorrow…

I leave you with Thug, napping of course, and some links below –

Thug, the Petersham Cat – a classic case of heat exhaustion …


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Petersham Nurseries: A Pretty, Peaceful London Escape