A little time travel I think – cast your mind back to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Well, I have been busy! And quite frankly (and wonderfully) there was a lot of coverage of the 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show at the time and my few offerings were really going to be swallowed up whole and lost in the great smorgasbord of television coverage (as ever, thank you BBC2), newspaper and magazine comment and the social media melée that includes Facebook, the Tweeterverse and Instagram. I was too busy reading and watching this all to add to the whirl. Some 1500 images have been languishing on my hard drive since, waiting for a moment to thoroughly edit them down to manageable portions.

Though really, I have been busy and the vast compendium of photographs that I took have been a rough hewn mountain and I have been querulous to conquer it. Having an unexpected free day (rain, rain, go away) and it being too humid to make crystallised rose petals (I’ve tried and they just clump up and refuse to dry), I’ve gone through the mass of photographs and broken them down into the first sorting – Lilies, Alstroemerias, Lavender, Iris etc., and these from the Show Gardens.

Here’s the short-cut though – I’ll make no comment on them (which designer, what plants, nothing, nada, zilch) and refer you to the vast amount of material already published, printed and sent off out into the ether – and that has already done such a splendid job. These are just my photographs and a snapshot at that of the show gardens. I did spend almost all of my time at the show in the Great Marquee leaving just the last hour before chucking-out time at 8pm to gadfly around the show gardens.

I might (just might) look out some links to help any just waking Sleeping Beauties out there make some sense of them. We’ll see.

With Hampton Court Palace Flower Show starting on the 5th July, I’d better get my skates on for the remaining Chelsea images, so fair warning, there will be a few new blogs to come over the next few days.







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