Roses all the way – a veritable photographic encyclopedia of these beauties … (Part One)

Between the rain showers yesterday, a tour around the two rose gardens at RHS Wisley – these are all from the first, the Jubilee Rose Garden, which features roses planted among roses and more roses (no herbaceous planting here, not allowed at all).

The next gallery will feature the planting in the Bowes Lyon Rose Garden – roses with perennials, grasses and shrubs – and will subject you to I don’t know how many more roses …

Exhortations required to visit the rose gardens at Mottisfont Abbey in Romsey, Hampshire – the National Collection of Old Roses presented in two large walled gardens (soon to be three), home of the original collection of roses built up by Graham Stuart Thomas and tended until last year by Head Gardener David Stone. His protege, Jonny Bass, the youngest Head Gardener working with the National Trust, is doing a fine job and there is a brand new visitor centre and plant nursery there too – I’ll be getting along there next week. If you can, add it into your diary.

But, in the meantime, enjoy these roses!



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