A floral & fragrant tour of Petersham Nurseries – Roses of course, plenty of perennials, a Cutting Garden …. a real taste of summer –

A warm bright day and summer feels like it has arrived at Petersham Nurseries – well honestly it is June already.

There are roses everywhere, big fat bright buds and blowsy blooms – and the scents! Old Rose and Spice (even a touch of Old Spice), vanilla and clove, fruit (citrus and peach, mango and melon), Pernod even – a welcome return of many old friends after an absence of nearly half a year.

Perennials in leaf and flower, delicious herbs … a boisterous rumpus of colour and fragrance everywhere – on the benches and in the Cutting Garden – and the new White Garden and in the planted containers and Indian Carts; here’s a snapshot taken this evening.


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