Rounding up a bright, colourful and fragrant tour of Wisley (did I mention the rain?)


A perfect stranger but just in the right place, for just enough time for me to shift around for the best angle and click! (Well, lots of clicks in a very short amount of time but I like this one the most).

Framed by the flowering Cherries at the top of the Rock Garden at RHS Wisley (Prunus incisa Kojo no Mai blurred in the foreground and Prunus pendula var ascendens Rosea the smaller weeping trees by the huge boulders behind). So glad it was raining, else I wouldn’t have had this rainbow element to the picture – or an unwitting but welcome subject standing still for at least the minute I needed. This did lead me momentarily down the rabbit hole of umbrella photography but I think I’ve got it under control.




A pretty stand of Prunus pendula var ascendens Rosea



and looking down across the Rock Garden – more Prunus incisa Kojo No Mai –


and Prunus The Bride …


and Prunus Accolade, down by the stream at the edge of Seven Acre Wood


and a few more vignettes from the walk down through the Rock Garden and stepping into the woods –

This last Magnolia, M sargetiana var robusta, has the most wonderful, large, pendant (draped even) deep-rose flowers.

The last little waltz through Seven Acre Wood and out, heading to Waitrose! Saturday was bright but chill (I was at Petersham Nurseries) and Sunday bloomed bright and very sunny (though still with a chill in the shadows) but alas I had family commitments – busy Wisley undoubtedly would have been, and possibly too bright, but must get back there again soon. It’s changing so quickly I don’t want to miss a single thing!

I’m rather liking the climber, Stauntonia hexaphylla but this last one here, Sedum rupestre Monstrosum Cristatum – a curio and quite the ugliest of plants …


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