A few things that caught my eye today ….

There’s been a brief hiatus in these proceedings, these past few weeks. There’s been a wedding (Neil & Sarah) and a family break in Chichester, and a lot of rain of course dampening the opportunities for much plant photography, however much I like that dew-dropped image.

March was a bumper-month for my tweetery, with both my posting a record number of tweets and a serious shift-up in gear for responses. All very good (humbled am I) but I think I’ve all needed a little time off to recharge my horticultural batteries. Not that I’ve been away from all things Plants – Petersham Nurseries has provided a regular fix of the emerging Spring Show but I’ve been satisfied with a few candid shots from the iPod.

Until today, that is – with balmy temperatures, sunshine and lots of rain, our gardens are bursting into life. Blossom is filling the trees, bulbs are bursting in a riot of colour out of the damp earth and bare twigs are generously leafing up ready for the season ahead. No time for shirking, it’s time to get out into the garden for there is work to be done – and out into the wider world to capture the beauty of another Springtime.


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