A little bit of catching up to do – first, a birthday with a view …


I’ve been a little tardy in updating these pages with my horticultural comings and goings though in truth it has been little more than a couple of week’s absence. Twitter has been tickled with news and horticultural highlights and I’ve made more of an attempt on Instagram to keep it well fed – I haven’t been totally idle.

I should start with a birthday, for it was quite a big number, nice and round, involved brunch on the 31st floor of the Shard and a trip to the Royal Academy for the excellent Painting the Garden exhibition …


As good as the day undoubtedly was and I would recommend both this high altitude brunch and the RA exhibition (until April but no longer), I was also able to open my birthday present – a dedicated macro lens for my Nikon D7200 camera. Whole new, tiny, worlds, are open to me …




Handily this Hippeastrum (I must stop calling them Amaryllis) was available for my first ever macro-shoot – under the lights of the kitchen worktop, but oh my…. love love love macro!

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