Just to bring you up to date … more hellebores, a crocus or three, bright primroses and the first of a galaxy of irises …

Just to bring you up to date, though by way really of a few galleries rather than long descriptions and horticultural diversions. If I have time, I’ll do more I promise! In the meantime, a collection of plants that you might find in a garden centre near you – and if you are lucky, in your own gardens …

Hellebore of course are coming into focus in the gardens, February and March being their proper time to shine. Hellebore Candy Love, below –

and Hellebore Emma

and more of these delights –

Hellebore Anna’s Red is an absolute favourite, with a rich deep dark colour, well placed, overlapping tepals, contrasting nectaries and pink-flushed, marbled foliage. From the Rodney Davey stable, as Penny’s Pink and the newest, Molly’s White.

Of the bedding colour available to us at the moment, the job falls mainly to the primroses and polyanthus (where the flowers are on tall stalks) – violas and pansies will make an appearance once temperatures begin to rise – they are shy to flower in cooler temperatures.

For the front of the border and especially in gritty alpine displays, these smaller forms of Iris ( I. reticulata, I. histroides for example) make a very welcome and colourful addition to the seasonal display – and will come back year after year with little attention.

Which brings me pretty much up to date – well there is the RHS Early Spring Show in London to cover and what a beautiful bright sunny day I had (yesterday) for this – I’ve already tweeted and instagram-ed much from the show, in the two Horticultural Halls off Vincent Square, Westminster. I’ll bring you my highlights very soon.



One thought on “Just to bring you up to date … more hellebores, a crocus or three, bright primroses and the first of a galaxy of irises …

  1. Absolutely stunning plants and pictures. Especially my favourite hellebores ( Anna’s red simply wonderful – a must have for my garden ) . Thanks for your interesting posts.Best regards from Poland. Paul.

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