A Teddington Gardener roundup on twitter – and 11 sleeps ’til Christmas


Here we are and it is nearly Christmas – 11 sleeps to go – and once more I’m apologising for the mean pickings here on Teddington Gardener, though if you have been following me on Twitter or Facebook, my contributions to the sum of all things Internet will seem much more regular, if one photo at a time.

Here are some of the images from the past couple of weeks that have fed these accounts – less the pithy 140 characters – though the full texts are all to be found on a link somewhere at the bottom of this pages and via @Martin_Ogden for those with time or inclination. There are more, pictures captured with my ipod, and therefore I do recommend taking a look at my Twitter account and becoming a Follower…

A mixture of winter bark, flower and fruit – and fragrance – with some tulips the reason why I’ve been planting bulbs over the past month.

Pointsettias (above) in all of their new costumes – no longer just plain reds these days – and mostly for the better. (below) a Smorgasborg of winter leaf, berry and flower (reprise)

and a look back at December 2011 when the weather, here down South, was a little less mild …



– and lastly, a different take on the Christmas Tree, in the Glasshouse at RHS Wisley – soft grey-coloured succulents with ruby baubles – I rather like my Nordman Fir at home, with paperchains, but one year would love to try this, if ever I had a huge cache of said succulents to play with …



…. and there we have it, a cheeky update on the last couple of weeks and a promise to get back to the more detailed photo-guides, essays and descriptions of garden visits that I do rather like doing. With rather more in the way of explanation to each of the pictures, a focus on groups of plants and connections – though I suppose here these connections are winter fragrance, bark, leaf and flower.

For the moment, you will have to work out which is which of course.


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