Love your Apples and Pears: Winter Fruit Tree Pruning – Formative, Regular, Renovation and Rejuvenation

Just bringing the subject back into focus, though the real work can be left for a few more weeks, allowing your specimens to go more fully dormant. Autumn is hanging in on in there, and despite the rain we have had, the temperatures are still, in my part of the country, mid-to high teens. I’m planning on revisiting RHS Wisley later this afternoon to see how their orchards and last of the harvest are getting along.

The Teddington Gardener


Care of apples and pears and a winter pruning guide

IMG_3514We are looking at fruit trees – apples and pears just now – and specifically winter care, pruning and management. Young trees, old trees, productive trees and lost souls alike. We have a lot of ground to cover here but don’t panic, we can take it step by step and ultimately, cut by cut.

For established, older and trees seemingly beyond profitable salvage, there will be NO pruning frenzy here. In fact, it is a positive advantage to slow things down and take your time before even picking up the secateurs or pruning saw. Pruning in this instance has much in common with meditation. Calm reflection and really, really looking at the tree.

This goes even further, a proper consideration of Time. What it, the tree, has done in the past (if it has had one), what it is doing…

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